Torn, Not Me. Not Even


I promise, this two-paragraph intro leads somewhere ...

I am an unabashed fan of sports. I love football, but I am passionate about Futbol. Yeah, I’m a walking, talking dichotomy.  I’ll one up you  (trichotomy?); I love literature, poetry, philosophy, and the arts (digital and otherwise).

I am not a religious man. I have, however, recently gone into a church during non-service times just to sit and be silent (Catholic and Greek Orthodox are the best for this). When I have these flights of need-for-silence-and-contemplation, it is generally because I don’t have access to a library at the time.unh

So we come to University of New Hampshire library cataloger Robert Morin. Mr. Morin donated his scrimped and saved $4 million estate to the university from which he graduated in 1963 and where he worked for nearly 50 years. It is reported that he  thriftily munched chips and microwave dinners and drove a 1992 Plymouth while slowly amassing a $4 million fortune, which he bequeathed to his longtime employer and alma mater.

As per the instructions of the gift, the University dutifully allocated $100,000 of the gift to the Dimond Library. But with a $25 million dollar stadium underway, it apparently seemed a good idea to spend a a million dollars of the gift on a scoreboard. A video scoreboard, Mr. Morin, thank you.

As an artsy-fartsy sports fan, and as one possibly (ut prius dictum) possessed of multiple personalities, this just doesn’t pass any kind of smell test.

Please read more before casting stones:

2 thoughts on “Torn, Not Me. Not Even

  1. I’ve heard it said the only justice in this world a man ever sees is that which he extracts, by his own hand. While I’m not sure this holds completely true…the older I get, the more appealing it sounds…especially in what amounts to an increasingly unjust world. Being married to an attorney with Elder-law cases, I see first hand ( second hand?) how much can go awry when the dearly departed cannot speak for themselves. Having dealt with just such an issue personally, I know the chaos it causes. And to see Morin’s wishes quite possibly perverted for an electronic scoreboard, I believe he should have spent the funds while he was alive…exacting justice by his own hand.


    1. Thanks, M. I appreciate the well reasoned reply and the experience from which it comes. I, too, can’t help but think that Morin would’ve been better off throwing one THE kegger to end all keggers at UNH before he slipped his earthly bonds. Much love to you and J.

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