Every website has an “About” page, and that makes me a little bit uncomfortable. You see, for a site like this, a section about me smacks heavily of vanity. With that in mind …

Hiya. I’m Jeff Bacen.

I am a writer, content creator, and social media marketing fixer. I’m an all-too-infrequent world traveler, budget oenophile, and vinyl record enthusiast. I also have a low threshold for boredom (ergo, this site).

After studying English on the writing track at Florida State University for both undergrad and graduate school, it seems I’ve done a little bit of a lot all over the place. I’ve been a lobbyist (yeech), a mouthpiece, a graphic artist, a web guy, a data wonk, a high school teacher, a corporate trainer, and a marketing specialist. Oh, and a landscaper, how can I forget landscaping … in Florida … in July?

My new forever home is beautiful and weird Asheville, North Carolina, where I currently independently contract as a writer and editor.