Professionally, I’ve been blessed a lot of interesting work – some meaningful, some less so. Along the way there have been some great mentors and opportunities to test my comfort zone. A summary of my most recent work experience is available here. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, a formal resume is in the stable and references await your request.

JEFF: A Professional Primer

  • Credit is not important, winning is
  • Terrible at yoga, but digs the stretch
  • Respects history, hates “the way we’ve always done it
  • Literally fought fires in the Navy, crisis doesn’t scare me
  • Played rugby, can take a hit and – respectfully – dish one
  • Reads … a lot
  • Never brings an opinion to a data fight

Since you’ve come this far,  I would be honored if you took a gander at some recent work.  Maybe some light reading?